Cat Training - Biting And Scratching

Cat Training - Biting And Scratching
A cat’s normal reaction to anything that is causing it discomfort is to bite or scratch. Therefore, locating the reason for this reaction will help the owner to either eliminate the uncomfortable factor that is annoying the cat or to work towards getting the cat to respond better and more favourably to the perceived intrusion.

Teaching a cat to respond favorably takes some strategy on the part of the owner. Most cats enjoy being stroked, but they usually dictate when they have had enough by either biting or scratching. This is their way of saying they have had enough.

However, this in not an acceptable way to show their fussiness and it would be wise to try to overcome this display with counter active measures. These may include stroking gently until there are signs that the cat is becoming fidgety and then stopping before the actual need to scratch, or change the stroking area to another pleasurable spot that will be acceptable for the cat. This will effectively put a stop to the cat’s negative reaction before it can actually launch a bite or scratch.

The next step would be to carefully pick areas that would normally annoy the cat and alternate these with the more pleasurable spots, while going back and forth before the cat can act adversely to the stroking motion. Eventually these episodes should be prolonged until the cat eventually accepts the perceived uncomfortable and comfortable areas of stroking alongside each other.

Cats are primarily of the predatory background, thus the need to bite into things at will. Providing the cat with suitable toys to bite into may help to control this natural urge.

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