Cat Training | Learning About Resources And How To Use Them

Learning About Resources And How To Use Them
Learning to outsmart the cat is the way to go about when it comes to using the resources available to train your cat. Any other way could prove to be both nerve racking and definitely stressful to both the cat and more so for the owner.

Most cats will not respond well to any sort of commands unless they are interested in doing so, therefore using any resources available would help to aid the owner in getting the cat at least interested in responding to the command.

It has been noted that cats are more likely to stop doing something if it proves to be unpleasant to their senses in any way. This vital piece of information can be used to work for the benefit of the owner in many ways, provided the owner is prepared to be resourceful. If the pet cat loves to scratch at furniture, instead of the scratching pole designated for this purpose, then applying something to the area where the cat tends to scratch would be  better  than  trying  to  get  the  cat  to  stop  this  action  using commands. Applying sticky tape or tin foil would be one option as cats don’t like the sensation it creates on their paws.

Generally, the whole idea is to be able to use the soft approach of praise and treats to get the cat to understand the difference between bad behavior and acceptable behavior. Make an effort to observe what the cat dislikes and use these resources to stop the cat from doing things that are not pleasing to the owner.

Another resource that is popular is the use of strong scents, as cats are more often than not repelled by these, thus here again providing a good resource for the owner to use.

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