How To Correctly Administer Discipline To Your Cat

How To Correctly Administer Discipline To Your Cat
Understanding the basic concept, that it may be rather hard to administer discipline on a cat, is very important. This is to ensure the owner is able to maintain a cool and level headedness that is required to be consistent and persistent in administering the discipline, which is very important in Cat Training.

The following are some of the ways that are used to correctly administer discipline to a cat with minimal results, but results nonetheless:

  1. Learning to recognize and use the methods that only the cat will respond to will be a good place to start. It is an established fact that most cats will not respond unless it suits them to do so, thus there is a need to find ways to extract this response in the most effective and non violent way. In most cases, the element of surprise seems to work well enough. Once this element of surprise is used to mildly shock the cat into compliance, there could be some visible improvements in the cat to committing the offending act as often.
  2. It should be understood that most disciplinary tactics used, should be done at the very point the undesirable act is being committed by the cat. Disciplining the cat after the act is committed will not help in any way to make the cat understand the actions are unacceptable. Therefore, having something like a soft beanbag within arm’s reach to throw at the direction of the cat without actually hitting the cat will help the cat understand the disapproval of the owner.

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