How To Keep Your Kitty Save

How To Keep Your Kitty Save
There are a lot of measures that can be taken to keep a kitty safe. Most of these measures are very easy to enforce, while others may take a little time and thought. However, it is possible to keep a kitty safe, even though the general perception towards cats is that they are animals that simply refuse to be trained and confined.

The following are some suggestions that can be used to provide the necessary precautions in keeping a kitty safe:

Keeping the cats indoors is perhaps the most effective way of keeping the animal safe. Although this is not a full proof solution, as most cats will eventually find ways to get out once they are bigger, it is a  useable  solution  for  a  kitten.  This  of  course  is  only  if  all  the members within the household unit are equally committed to being careful and alert to leaving doors and windows ajar.

Other  safety  measure  would  be  to  keep  all  wires  and  all unplugged dangling cords out of the reach of the cat. Most cats are instantly attracted to anything hanging or moving, thus  there is a need to ensure the wires are not left dangling. Other objects such as blinds should also be properly secure to ensure the cat does not become entangled in it. Besides this, keeping breakables out of the cat’s path would also be a good idea. If observed carefully, the owner would be able to notice that the cat almost always walks, runs and jumps in the same areas and uses the same patterns 99% of the time.

Keeping all string, yarn or thread away from the kitty would also be something that should be done as this could cause the cat to choke as they tend to play with these objects by chewing on them.

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