The Issues With Not Training Your Cat

The Issues With Not Training Your Cat
The consequences of not training a cat can be very damaging both to the cat and to the owner. Without some level of control, a cat is not able to understand and control its habits, which in turn will cause problems that are often irreparable.

There are some much focused areas that need some level of training to  be  incorporated,  otherwise  the  results  can  be  very  bad  indeed. Litter training is probably the easiest to cope with and also the area that could potentially cause a lot of problems for the owner if it is not done very early on. If there is no clear indication of a litter box being available, the cat will happily and resourcefully find a suitable alternative. As cat poop can be rather strong in odor, having a cat that in not trained to do its business in a litter box would eventually stink out the whole house or dwelling place.

Another area that could eventually become an issue if not checked would be the scratching of furniture and other household items such as curtains. This trait, if left unchecked, will cause a lot of damage that is almost always irreparable. There are various ways that can be adopted to stop the cat from such activity and prolong the lifespan of any furniture used.

Catching the cat in the act of doing something that is unacceptable would require immediate attention and reprimand consequences. If the owner is unable to catch the cat in the act, simply reprimanding the cat, by pointing to the mistake will have little or no consequences to the cat. Therefore, there is a need to keenly observe the cat in the initial stages of being introduced into the equation, before any particular cat training is carried out.

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