Understanding Your Cat

the natural nature of the cat
Understanding the difference between the natural nature of the cat and the habits that the cat picks up is very important. Trying to train the cat to do something that goes against the very core nature of it will not only be confusing but will cause the cat to resist altogether. This will create a very unpleasant and stressful situation for both the cat and the owner.

Therefore, the responsibility is left to the owner to read up on such behavioral patterns and understand the difference, so that the appropriate actions can be taken when it is called for. Some of the ways a cat behaves are purely instinctive and it would be helpful and beneficial for the owner to be able to identify these differences.

The litter box is another good example of the cat’s natural instincts being evident. Cats enjoy digging through loosely textured material, particularly to be used as their toilet area, thus the cat will willingly use the litter box for this purpose. The same would apply to the cat being fascinated with fluffy carpeting and a pile of socks or a ball of yarn, as all of these present some level of fascination for the cat, and indulging in playing with these seems to bring immense enjoyment to the cat.

Understanding the cat’s vocal expressions will also help the owner identify with what the cat is trying to communicate. With some observation, the owner will eventually be able to discern quite well the various different tones used and interpret them accordingly.

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